Monday, February 27, 2012

New Photo shot!

Here's my little cutie-pie!  Nearly 8 months old!  Where does time go!  His mommy has to keep him busy to keep his mind off teething!  Looks like a whole lot of fun to me!

Friday, February 24, 2012

We're Expanding!

Been after the farmer for several years for extra space in the shop, so we decided to officially close the school and use it for extra square footage!

The beginning of a porch!

Porch and walkway complete!

Now all we need is the roof!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Does Time Go?????

Seems we get so rushed and too involved in our lives that some things get put on the back burner!  Since I'm not the greatest "keeper" of the blog, I'll try and do better this year!  LOL  
Since I last wrote my life has been in total chaos!  With the birth of my first grandson (yay!) to my mother's illness, days go by as seconds instead of hours.  I haven't been behind the sewing machine in months.  Probably forgot how to even thread the needle! HA! 
Right now we are getting ready for our Annual Springtime in the Country Open House.  This year the event will be March 8th thru the 10th, and we are rushing around trying to prepare for that.  We are in the process of adding an extra 500 square feet of shopping space by building a covered walk and porch onto the school house.  So sorry to say school is temporarily closed and the ever growing shop will have enough space! 
My oldest daughter just turned 28 and my youngest will get his driver's license in another month, needless to say I feel very old!  Where does time go, huh?  
Here's a few shots from our recently updated "pre-Spring" shop!  Hope you enjoy!
 Smokey tending the fire as he looks over things in the shop!  Isn't he great!
 A cozy corner in the back room.  A great place to sit and chat with custome
New wall cubby and table!  Both are to die for! Child's make-do settle is made form an old shipping crate!

Hope everyone is enjoying the new year!  Please check back often as I plan on posting more and more as the months go by!  

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