Sunday, April 22, 2012

The REAL NanBrook Farm

Headed South last month to take my mother home for a visit.  Many of you wonder where I came up with the name NanBrook Farm.  Well, here's the real NanBrook Farm!  Just a small farm house nestled in a grove of oaks established in 1936. My grandfather built this house from the trees he felled off this land.  He proudly owned 98 acres, which was a lot at that time. He had a small dairy at one time, only milking three cows!  The dairy barn is on the left.  Hurricane Katrina ripped off the side when she blew through.  There have been so many changes over the years.....................

There's a well stocked pond to the side of the house.  And another one across the road.  There once was a wonderful white fence around the pond and the banks were all cleared.  Now the entire farm has grown in pine trees.  Sad, but in a few years they will be ready for harvest and the land will be cleared once more. 

There's the old smokehouse and the pump house is on the left.  I never had the chance to taste the meat that was hung there to cure.  That was long before my time!   There used to be a large roll top barn behind the smokehouse.  It fell to the ground many years ago like a lot of things here on the farm.

There was also a 200 year old oak tree that stood in front of the dairy barn.  Katrina took her also.  

Thanks for taking this trip with was a bittersweet return.  But the memories were sweet.


Becki said...

Hi Amy - Thanks for sharing your homestead. I took a trip with family last August to WV and things sure weren't like I remembered them (sad), but we have our memories.

I hope you have a blessed week,

NanBrook Farm said...

Thanks for taking the tour Becki! Yep, you can never go "home" again! Maybe one day we can get together!

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NanBrook Farm
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