Sunday, June 17, 2012

Walking the Chicks

 With the youngest son way for the weekend, it was my turn to "walk the chicks."  With 4 houses and over 120,000 chicks, it takes over an hour to do this.  Of course, while walking, we are also looking for mechanical difficulties as well as picking up those young chicks who do not make it for some reason or another. 

 Today is Day 14 and all these young things do is eat, sleep and well, you know what else!  As you can see on the floor!  I did manage to break out in a sweat as well, as the houses are averaging about 85 degrees right now.  Got to keep them comfy!

 Our 3 little overseers!  HA!  Oh, chickens are very playful!  Right after I snapped the pic, those 3 little devils jumped down on the backs of the others!

 There goes the Head Keeper of the Flocks......  Did you know that 120,000 chickens will eat a total of about 1.375 million pounds of feed while they are with us!  And that's only 52 days!  And you know, what goes in, MUST come out!  HA!  The chicken house floors raise about 4 to 5 inches during each flock!  Now that's a lot of "you know what!" 
 BTW, the spots on the pics are not orbs of deceased chickens, so please don't email me to that fact.  It is poop, feathers and who knows what else flying around when the chicks stir and run around!

 At last, here's the runt!  Looks like he is only about 3 days old compared to the others.  And, yes, that's "you know what" on his feet! 

There he goes!  Look how tiny he is compared to the rest!  And still so yellow!  Keep your fingers crossed he makes it! on the farm!  
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denise said...

too cute!!!!!!!!!!

Primitive Stars said...

Hello,found your blog and very enjoyable. Wow,lots of chicks,thats something I never heard of,walking the chicks,sweet. Blessings Francine.

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